Tuesday, August 5, 2008

this entry is dumb. very, very, very dumb. i do not suggest reading it.

So here's something I thought about this morning that caused me great worry. Automatic toilets, the ones with the sensors that see that you've moved away and thusly let the toilet know to flush itself, have no manual handles. What if the sensor breaks?

Why am I thinking about these things?


girlnblack77 said...

Most do not have handles, but all the automatically-flushing toilets on campus have a little button almost hidden on the side so you can manually flush. Of course, this only helps in *nonflushing* situations if the sensor breaks. I have no clue what happens if it gets stuck, continually flushing!

amos said...

My real concern is "What does the sensor sense?"

It is my fear that these unblinking mechanical eyes are silently judging me - uploading measurements back to a central toilet database, where the robots laugh at my weiner.