Thursday, August 21, 2008

big american NFL preview: NFC North

People always talk about how the quarterback is the most important position in sports. If they're not right, they're at least in the argument. What does this mean to me? It means that I should prepare for football season to be long and painful. The QB race at NC State has been whittled down to two guys, but at this point one of the three who were competing for the spot a month ago should have started to stand out.

The old saying goes "If you think you have two starting quarterbacks, you probably have zero." I'm screwed.

NFC North

4. Detroit - They started out last season pretty well, but then remembered that they're the Lions. Calvin Johnson has been a preseason beast, but that's the preseason kids. I'd like to point out that Jon Kitna is far and away the best quarterback in this division. Before you start telling me how I just negated all of that important quarterback talk, though, I'll remind you that we're talking about being the best quarterback in the NFC North - almost as backhanded a compliment as can be doled out. Except for "game manager."

3. Chicago - Speaking of game beloved Bears are starting Kyle Orton. He's not going to turn the ball over much, but let's see what's around him. A #1 receiver who's a converted kick returner that couldn't always catch punts on the first try, his #2 option is Marty Booker (who I love, but c'mon...), a running game consisting of a rookie that no one outside of New Orleans had ever heard of before the draft and the other Adrian Peterson, and an aging and injured offensive line. Wait, my boys are stacked at tight end with Clark, Olsen, and Marcus Stone(maybe he could quarterback in a okay). Well, maybe the defense can score lots of points. Except it's foolish to think that this crew is making it through the year without injury - and they'll be defending too many short fields. Still, better than the Lions is something. Right?

2. Green Bay - The Packers shows us a lot last season. Can they show it without Favre? The worst thing to come of the whole situation with this team in the off-season is that there's a tiny part of me that wants Aaron Rodgers to do really well this season. Which makes me feel very, very dirty. I don't think they'll get it all back, just based on how big a change they're looking at offensively...but I wouldn't look forward to playing against them.

1. Minnesota - Run the ball and stop the run. Adrian Peterson had a rookie season words can't accurately describe, and running backs typically have exponentially better sophomore outings. Minnesota returns the best run defense in the league. Even with Tarvaris Jackson at quarterback the Vikings are looking at a week off between 17 and their first playoff game.

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