Thursday, March 13, 2008

is it ________ season yet?

Ah, the ACC tourney. I should be spending today pretending to work while listening to radio broadcasts and punching up stats on a web browser. Heck, I should maybe even be pretending to work in front of a TV in an office somewhere this afternoon. Instead, I'm having to actively pursue an office in which to engage in this nonsense come the next ACC tournament.

I wonder if the games will somehow be less exciting without the secrecy and running about. I wonder if knowing that the score is 38-35 in a game will matter if it isn't being shouted over the wall of a cubicle while I'm actually working and wishing that the thing I was working on wasn't so pressing so I could be pretending to work and listening to/watching a game where only three points separate the teams.

I'm going to be working on the whole gainful employment thing while watching the play-in tourney games this afternoon. You should stop by the house and either pretend to be checking up on me so I can scramble to minimize and shut down the TV. Or you could call me to ask for covert game updates. Anything to bring the true excitement of the ACC tournament home to me.

March. Madness.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

i've been watching, but not really commenting

As I reflect upon NC State's basketball season ending on another sour note with a loss in a bad-looking basketball game to Wake Forest, I realize that there's been a lot of sports that I haven't commented on for you, my loyal readers. I know you're waiting with baited breath now. Some of this is plenty old, so don't look for any breaking news here.

The Bears give Rex Grossman a new contract

The good news? It was a one-year deal, so they'll probably go after a QB in the draft. The bad news? Matt Ryan will be way off the board before we pick. The result? Grossman will have Orton the "game manager" and one of any number of talented but definitely lacking in some or another capacity rookies playing behind him. Long season.

Big American Party! arch nemesis Brett Favre retires

Assuming this retirement lasts through training camp - which, according to a very crying-like-a-baby-girl press conference statement, it will - I guess I'd better start figuring out some Aaron Rodgers jokes sooner rather than later.

NC State comes away from signing day with a pretty solid recruiting class

...and the cycle of "Wait until basketball season...oops, wait until football season...oops, wait until basketball season...oops, wait until football season..." continues for the Wolfpack faithful. But seriously, wait until football season.

The Seattle Supersonics are all but in Oklahoma City

As the son of a Baltimore Colts fan and a fan of a team "stolen" from Hartford, I'm all too aware of the anguish of the Supersonic faithful and the excitement of the people in OK City. I also realize that criticizing the Supersonics' move while I'm actually wearing a Carolina Hurricanes jersey would make me seem like a total douche to any ex-Whalers fan who happens to be reading this.

The Carolina Hurricanes made some trades and saw some injuries...and by some I mean tons

Corvo worked out really well for the 'Canes almost instantly. They're playing good hockey at just the right time to hold off the rest of the Southeast Division and get into the playoffs relatively hot. Especially playing at home.

Roger Clemens is a douchebag...and Congress wants to call him on it

Couldn't happen to a nicer guy.