Monday, August 25, 2008

big american NFL preview: NFC West

So here's where I melt your brains with my predictions.

NFC West

4. Arizona - Kurt Warner will be the starter for the Cardinals, and the Matt Leinart era seems like it will never really get off the ground. There's no run game to speak of, and an unremarkable defense. Plus, they're still the Cardinals.

3. San Francisco - J.T. O'Sullivan will be the 49ers' starting quarterback, which may be the end of the Alex Smith era before it really did anything. Mike Martz might have a shot a bringing the offense up to snuff in another year or two, and the defense may eventually also come around. Not this year, though.

2. St. Louis - Stephen Jackson might be a heckuva runner, and Marc Bulger is a perfectly serviceable quarterback. I think that, especially with San Fran and Arizona on their schedule twice, the Rams have a chance to score some cheap wins. The question marks on this team are the lines, both offensive and defensive. Normally that's enough for me to demote a team to the gutter, but I have a gut feeling about this team. If the top of the NFC South cannibalizes itself just right, the Rams might even sneak into the playoffs. Not for a long stay, but still...

1. Seattle - Even with an injury-prone receiving crew, the Seahawks should win this division running away. They have what's silently been one of the NFL's better defenses coming back and Julius Jones should be solid on the running duties. They aren't built for a championship, but they'll still be playing in January.

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