Sunday, August 10, 2008

they love them some Yao Ming over there

Usually, I have no use for the Summer Olympic Games. This year, though, I find myself pretty excited about international basketball. Why?

1) The rest of the world has caught up. The US has lost international play, and games not involving the US aren't going to be unwatchable. More importantly, this all makes it okay to pull for the US team without feeling like I'm supporting the neighborhood bully.

2) Roundball Rock. Because NBC is carrying the games, the fantastic NBA on NBC theme song that has been MIA since NBC stopped showing NBA games, is back. It's probably the best sport-related song ever.* "Roundball Rock" was, of course, written by NC State's own John Tesh.

Go international basketball!!!

* #2 is "Brass Bonanza." #3 is the original Sports Center theme.

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Steaming bowl o' Calderone said...

30+ point whuppin' placed on the Chinese team... not a bad start for Team USA.