Monday, June 9, 2008

looks like i'll be spending the fall proclaiming Matt Forte to be a Rookie Sensation

Cedric Benson is no longer a Chicago Bear. After getting a DUI and claiming he did nothing wrong, this bright boy decided to throw back a few drinks and get behind the wheel of yet another vehicle. Then he has the nerve to shurg his shoulders and say "Wha'd I do?"

Clearly he's under the impression that he's a star football player whom fans think of fondly outside of Austin, TX (and, given the location of Benson's infractions, maybe not there either) and is therefore subject to the beloved star football players' set of rules. He's wrong. The Bears traded away their good running back, leaving Cedric as their guy. During his tenure as Chicago's feature back, Benson perfected the art of running three yards and falling down.

He won't be missed.

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