Monday, June 23, 2008

cardboard signs sporting hair jokes to come to the RBC Center a few times a year

Barry Melrose is set to become the Tampa Bay Lightning's head coach. I assume he's only leaving his broadcasting spot because he finally realized that ESPN thinks hockey is kind of a joke.

I'm actually pretty happy that Melrose is returning to the sport. I would rather he signed on with some team out west rather than someone in the Southeast Division that's been underachieving for a few seasons now, but I think it can only be good for the NHL to have Melrose involved with one of their teams, as this is an off-season move that a causal fan can react to that doesn't involve the drafting of a player with a familiar-sounding name.

Given that Melrose will be heading up the 'Ning, though, I hope he understands that I wish him nothing but the most miserable of failures in his new gig.

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