Monday, June 2, 2008

as soon as i post this, i'll bet the game will be over

Seriously, it's 11:13 PM on Monday, June 2nd. Game 5 of the Stanley Cup Finals is in OT (because The Penguins scored with 34.3 seconds left to force it) and demanding your attention. Holy crap, this is good. If for some reason you're reading blogs at 11:13 PM on Monday June 2nd, turn the game on now.

UPDATE: The prophesy in this entry's title will not go fulfilled. It's roughly 11:35 PM on Monday, June 2nd. Marc-André Fleury has seen to it that there shall be a second overtime. He was doing some serious goalie-ing. Good stuff. I am nervous that the second OT won't last that long, as the Penguins had a power play to end the first overtime period and now have 20 minutes to think about how they couldn't get it done.

If you're not watching yet, you should be.

FURTHER UPDATE: It's now 12:16 AM on Tuesday, June 3rd. This time it was the Red Wings that couldn't get a goal with a period-ending power play and Osgood who had to make the trickier saves. There will be a third overtime. I suppose I'm not sleeping tonight.

FINAL UPDATE: It's now 12:47 AM on Tuesday, June 3rd. Penguins win thanks to a power play goal. Playoff overtime hockey is as good as sports get. I'm going to bed now. G'night.

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