Wednesday, June 18, 2008

counter myths > debunking current myths

Slate has compiled this list of Obama rumors that his supporters should be spreading rather than trying to debunk the ridiculous email forwards that proclaim things like "Obama's a Muslim," Obama hates America," and "Obama eats babies covered in kitten sauce."

Some of them are funnier than others, but I've been thinking that I can add more:

Obama refuses to chant "U-S-A, U-S-A!!!" But that's only because he chants "United States of America, United States of America!!!" since shortening the title would diminish the country itself, and only terrorists would do that.

Obama bleeds red, white, blue, and domestic light beer.

If elected, some of the names Obama is considering to put in cabinet positions are Christian Bale, Christian Slater, Christian Cage, the ghost of Hans Christian Andersen, and Jodie Foster (but only if she goes by her given name of Alicia Christian Foster).

Obama wants to make our national animal the Jesus Lizard.

Obama loves this country so much he's asked Michelle to change her name to "The United States of America" so he can make tender, sweet love to The United States of America.

(possibly more to come...feel free to add your own)

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