Thursday, March 31, 2005

not that smart

I have made a series of stupid moves in my life. Here are the two currently working together to make me lose my mind.

1) I have agreed to puppy-sit for a dog that wants my constant attention...even when I want to sleep, apply for jobs, or even watch some tv. I'm exhausted and frustrated as a result.

2) I quit a job having only the faintest notion of a b-plan which has already been written off. Sure, I quit so that I could be closer to the things I want to do and the people I love...but if I don't find a job sooner than later I'll be in sunny Jacksonville, NC. For those of you new to the state, that's considerably farther away from these things than Benson is.

I'm miserable. Right at this moment, I am in total misery. Out of sheer frustration, I've locked the poor dog in his pen (he hates that...a lot) and screamed to the point that the guys building the house behind mine stopped working for a minute to wonder what that sound was.

I'm stuck in a house with bad plumbing in a town I don't like with a dog that doesn't care that I need a job while trying to make a computer do something I don't know how to make it do just to toss my name into consideration for a job that I may or may not be what I'm looking for.

Every bit of it is my fault. You see as brilliant as I am, sometimes I ain't that smart.

Comment left on Down on Paper III:

Amos says: if it makes you feel any better, i dreamt you broke your leg in a horrible compound fashion in an above ground subway accident as we were en route to some sort of tropical, or del-monte-ish resort.

run-on sentences make everything better.

give us a call sometime.

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