Thursday, March 10, 2005

les robinson remembered

Thursday. ACC Tourney. Blogging. Clemson has defeated Maryland, which helps or hurts state depending on which of the people in Andi's living room you ask. State is up on Florida State 33-19. When the second half starts, I'll be blogging about the experience of watching basketball with Zack Moser, little brother to the stars. I'll be using's own Sports Guy's live events system. Enjoy...

3:46 - Drinks have been opened. Game has started. Zack has found a copy of Vanity Fair and is parusing it.

3:48 - Billy Packer decides to tell us about the significance of the number 19. Ugh.

3:52 - Cam Bennerman plays soccer.

3:53 - Zack: Hodge to Evtimov always works.

3:54 - 45-23. Zack and I start to worry about how we might choke this one away. More than half our points have come from behind the arc.

3:58 - How does Evtimov have 5 3-pointers and then miss two free throws? Amazing.

4:02 - Brackman checks into the game. Why has this guy not had more PT this season? Seriously, he comes in against Carolina and score 8 points in a row, officially making him the only player on our team who seems up to playing basketball. Herb pulls him out of the game and we don't see him again. Explain this to me.

4:05 - Zack: We don't play well. We're kicking their ass and they're still pissing me off.

4:06 - Tell me why, when you're up by 20, you're shooting a 3 point shot with 31 seconds left on the shot clock?

4:09 - NC State gets a shout out from Iraq.

4:10 - Zack: Did we just foul them!?!? You don't fffff-!

4:11 - Zack finds a second Vanity Fair. It seems Quintin Taraentino once played an Elvis impersonator on an episode of The Golden Girls.

4:15 - Stop calling Atsur "Turkish Delight." I'm not asking. I'm telling.

4:17 - Julius Hodge still rules. Understand this.

4:18 - Nevermind, he missed the free throw.

4:19 - Zack makes his official millionth complaint about Atsur.

- Air ball three pointer from Evtimov. 30 seconds on the shot clock. I want to kill someone.

4:21 - "Bears finish season undefeated" is uttered on TV. It's a commercial. I weep inside.

4:25 - The annoucers declare that the game is over. State's up 54-35. Zack and I both groan at what this probably means. The last loss to Wake Forest is brought up for the 300th time this game.

4:27 - The annoucers comment about Florida State starting a comeback. Zack suggests Herb actually coach the team or something. Keep dreaming, Zack. He then goes on to comment about how crappy the pep band sounds without him.

4:28 - Hodge is hurt. I want to throw up.

4:30 - Hodge wants back in. Florida State is back in. 54-43.

4:32 - For some reason, our commentators want State's starters to come out. While still talking about Florida State coming back. Retards. In the meantime, Evitmov misses more free throws.

4:33 - Duke, Carolina, and Wake are each in the top five. People wonder why we have an inferiority complex at State.

4:39 - Florida State has come within 8 points. Herb doesn't want a time-out. He must be wanting to save them for when things get really bad.

4:44 - Billy Packer declares for the second time that the game is over. Zack: "Dammit!"

4:46 - Atsur announced as "player of the game." Zack is speechless.

4:47 - Game over. State wins. 70-54. Zack: This was the most nerve-racking 16-point victory ever.

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