Tuesday, July 1, 2008

on the plus side, those awful "buckle up" spots at the rbc center are gone

Erik Cole, a guy I've enjoyed watching play hockey for years, has been shipped out to Edmonton for Joni Pitkanen; whom Jim Rutherford has apparently had a man-crush on for a while.

I'm not tremendously excited about the move after having done a little research. Pitkanen's stat lines don't seem that impressive, and the only analysis I've read that seems to think the Oilers are going to miss the guy has been written by Oilers fans on Oilers blogs. Oilers.

In the meantime, I'll miss Cole and his haphazard pushes to the goal between, around, or through defenders. I understand the Hurricanes need help on the blue line in the worst way, but I was hoping we'd find a way to get it without giving up a guy who has helped to define the team for the past several years.

In the past, Rutherford has proven to know exactly what he's doing when it comes to these sorts of things. So I suppose I'll be taking the usual wait-and-see approach before running into the streets and tearing my garments.

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