Thursday, July 31, 2008

i can't decide which hashbrown preparation method would make the best wedding night joke. chunked and covered, maybe?

Andi, my dear, you dodged a bullet. Had I known that a Waffle House wedding was even a possibility, I would have spent the entirety of our engagement lobbying for our nuptials to happen at the Hillsborough St. Waffle House in Raleigh. Futhermore, I would have pushed for Ms Betty to get one of those internet church ordinations so she could have been our officiant. Readers, feel my loving wife's sigh of relief.

Since Laul Peeland sent this link to me, I'm simply going to assume that this is his way of announcing that his upcoming wedding has been moved from a classy downtown Raleigh church to one of the triangle area's even classier Waffle Houses. Laul, please let me know which location I'll need to show up to and whether a tuxedo is still necessary(or if we're just going to go with any of the t-shirts in the slideshow).

By the way, Scott, I know that you're super excited about getting your wedding on in an ultrawesome spot that I couldn't recommend more if I tried, but there are many different WaHo's in the area and I would completely understand if you wanted to change up themes.

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girlnblack77 said...

Wedding hash browns?! *Smothered*, of course! lol