Tuesday, October 23, 2007

more reasons to hate commonwealthers

A New York Times piece from yesterday asked the question "Are the Red Sox Ready to Become the Yankees?" The problem is, they already have.

How much did they pay just to see if they could pay DiceK? What about the rest of their glutted payroll? Just between last season and the current one, they went from being $74 million behind the Yankees to $43 million behind. From a $17 million in front of the #3 spender to a whopping $30 million over one offseason. That also adds up to being more than $100 million more than the bottom 5 spenders.

Or what about the treatment of JD Drew, who's taken a massive beating from Boston fans for not living up to his contract that's worth more than the entire Tampa Bay Devil Rays lineup?

What about overcrowding of the Red Sox bandwagon on a level that no one's seen for a baseball team since...wait for it...the Yankees?

Of course, there's also the fact that any goodwill from those who didn't run out to buy a Red Sox cap in their favorite color your underdog status gave the Sox prior to the '04 series has been replaced by a total resentment of the Boston fan's overinflated sense of entitlement previously seen only from the fans in...can you guess?...New York.

So yeah, the Yankees aren't the only evil empire out there, are they?

Go Rockies.