Monday, June 15, 2009

pardon the dust on your web browser

So you may have noticed a lack of activity here. You may have also noticed a lack of activity over at How RDU Doin'? In both cases, it's due to the combination of restructuring and my impending move to Carrboro.

Look for How RDU Doin'? to get some seriously great new content in the coming weeks (especially after Scott gets himself married and local again).

As for the stuff I'm changing here, you may have noticed certain posts are missing. How you feel about those posts is basically the reason for the shift. In talking to the people who still read my little rambly thoughts, I discovered two camps:

One, mostly my friends and such, said "I like the site, but what's with all the comic book stuff?"

The other, mostly other comic nerds I've met through various online involvements, said "I like the comic book stuff, but what's up with all that other crap?"

So to satisfy both parties, I've removed the "Funnybook of the Week" posts from here and given them their own space. You can find those at the new and improved Funnybook of the Week, which now gives me more room to geek out to a specific audience. Act today, and you'll even find my especially nerdy thoughts on Captain America #600.

You'll still be able to read me talk about all the other stuff I like to talk about right here. So it's okay. Posting with some frequency shall resume in the coming weeks. It'll be great.

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Steaming bowl o' Calderone said...

Awww, I liked getting to read it all in one convenient place.