Thursday, May 1, 2008

on tuesday, you're going to go ahead and vote for Jim Neal. right?

Just in case any of my readers who happen to be North Carolina Democrats happen to have forgotten my previous urgings as it relates to the primary and who to put on the ballad against the horrible Senator Dole, I have some YouTubage for you to check out.

How Jim Neal and Kay Hagan differ on how to deal with the Iraq occupation:

I really enjoyed watching Jim swat away the notion that cutting funding for the war was somehow "anti-troop" and called it what it is: a negotiation tactic. Let's say that, come November, America decides that American flag pins and crazy preachers are more important than the issues and put John McCain in office. As senator, Kay Hagan will whine and complain about the course of the occupation(just as the Democratic party has done so far) just before voting to approve another blank check to continue the occupation(just as the Democratic party has done so far). A Senator Neal would be a voice in the Senate saying that the occupation gets no more money until the president(whoever that might be) submits a request that shows a demonstrative effort to end that occupation. That's about as "pro-troops" as you can get when it comes to this matter.

Just one of many reasons to get out there and put Jim Neal into this race against the insipid Elizabeth Dole. You don't just have to take my word for it, though. He nabbed what I consider to be a pretty big endorsement from The Independent.

Go vote on Tuesday. And do it well.

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