Tuesday, May 20, 2008

i won't be driving anywhere after american gladiators

Last night, the NBA had a thrilling game 7 going on, the NHL had an elimination game the Stanley Cup Playoffs, and Jon Lester tossed a no-hitter. So you can argue it was a great night for sports. So naturally, you know what I was watching?

I think I need help.

By the way, Andi and I have been working on a drinking game to go with American Gladiators. Here's what we have so far. Additions will be made as we think of them. Hoist your beverage of choice and take a drink when...

1. One of the contenders is referred to by their profession rather than their name
2. Wolf mentions smelling or eating someone
3. A contender mentions his/her children
4. Hulk Hogan poses or says "brother"
5. Leila Ali says "okay"
6. The gladiators/contenders signal readiness, but the show cuts to commercial instead of the start of the game
7. The ref signals "false start" / "traveling" when checking contender readiness
8. Titan says something inane
9. Toa sticks his tongue out
10. Hellga is referred to as "The [adjective] Hellga"
11. A female gladiator signals being ready by screaming "Woooo!"
12. A male gladiator signals being ready by grunting
13. The lame play-by-play guy makes a pun

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