Tuesday, April 8, 2008

at least memphis has that ESPN montage from early in the season where they talked about "perfection"

Well. College basketball season has ended. Congrats to Kansas, who didn't need Roy Williams to win a championship. The title may just allow the Kansas faithful to sleep a little better at night if Self decides to bolt in an Oklahoma-ish direction. At least Self, unlike Roy before him, got the job done before he took off.

By the way, just for Pete Calderone, I'll comment on Roy's choice of attire. I don't give a $#!% what what he wears(see what I did there?). But if I were a Kansas guy, I'd probably be pretty angry in a few weeks when the glow of winning the national championship has faded a little bit. Actually, I probably wouldn't even bother with being angry then. Roy leaving was the best thing that could have happened to Kansas now that they have that title. After all, it's been proven time and again that Williams is always going to come up short of a national championship so long as he does his own recruiting, and I doubt he would have let Matt Doherty come in and do his recruiting for him in Kansas.

I just hope that Mack Brown shows up to a UNC football game wearing baby blue if through some miracle the Tar Heels end up in the national title picture there.

With college basketball gone and the 'Canes having blown a seemingly solid lead in the Southeast Division to miss the NHL playoffs, I have nothing really to look forward to until the NFL draft. Sure, there's the NBA hitting its playoff stretch, but I don't care. Sure, I can watch NHL teams that aren't the Hurricanes compete for the Cup, but it won't feel good knowing how the season ended. Sure, there's baseball, but I don't want to watch a game with athletes that spend 95% of each game standing around wondering if their HGH shipment arrived in the mail while they were in the club house pretending that their non-Yankees, non-Sox team will get a mention in the national media for something other than the afore-mentioned HGH shipment being found by a down-on-his-luck reporter who just may be able to blow open this whole thing and redeem not only his career, but himself.

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