Monday, January 14, 2008

remember how well that gossip show worked out for you, espn?

The good news? At least the Cowboys won't be going to the Super Bowl. The bad news? The line between ESPN and Access Hollywood will continue to blur as I'm quite certain that Sportscenter, Around the Horn, Jim Rome is Burning, Mike and Mike, Pardon the Interruption, and whatever else I'm missing will all take more time talking about what affect Jessica Simpson had on the Cowboys' performance than they will about all of the NHL games played over the weekend combined(the Hurricanes, for the record, blew a lead against the Avs to continue their woeful last few months).

Since I'm clearly a follower, I must also weigh in. All of Dallas had the time off. The whole team. If Romo wasn't on a "sexy, romantic getaway" with Jessica Simpson and her dad(only Jessica Simpson's dad could possibly find chaperoning his daughter's date sexy and romantic...because he's creepy like that...have you ever heard him talk about his daughter's breasts?), he would have been somewhere else not playing football, not watching film, and not studying the play book. Can we please talk about sports now?


Steaming bowl o' Calderone said...

I would hope that the entirety of sports journalism will focus not on this personal event of Romo's and instead look at the woeful line play. The fact that Romo in the second half spent more time replacing all those number 9 divots in the turf than completing passes to receivers (the ones who didn't alligator arm or butter finger them).

I could care less if he spent a romantic weekend with creepy and creepy's father.

thejmatt said...

Romo going off to where ever with whomever did not cost them the game.

Their inability to manage a 2:00 drill cost them the game.

"Hey we need to make up a lot of ground in a short amount of time and not burn our one timeout. What can we do? Oh yeah, run up the middle! And take our time getting set so we up the middle again!"