Friday, January 25, 2008

Chapter Zero: Let's see how long this lasts

It's going to get a little uncomfortable for some folks who I know read this. I've been noodling over putting together some of my thoughts about the Christian faith on another blog. What it means to me, where it is, where I want it to be...that sort of thing.

Instead, I'm just going to add them here in between all of my regular entries about funnybooks, political outrage, weird things I find, and ramblings about the ever-blurring line between TMZ and ESPN. That way I can break it up and allow for entries based on lighter fare, such as stuff I find awesome that also happens to be on YouTube.

If you want to skip it, that's what's up with the "Chapter Zero" nonsense. If it's a chapter, wait until the next post when I'm sure to have some enlightening thoughts about Lindsay Lohan's coke addiction, what the Hurricaness power play needs to do, or how awesome some old TV show was.

If you want to read it, please do. I'm thinking some things through "out loud" with those entries, and wouldn't mind a few folks "thinking back" at me.


Lee Creighton said...

Bring it on Ben! You may not like my opinions, what with me being one that believes that there is no god, but I *have* read the bible (once, all the way through except for all the begats) and am re-reading parts in two French translations for kicks.

Steaming bowl o' Calderone said...

I welcome the read. I always enjoy learning through discussion, spirited or otherwise. :)

I think I would classify myself as agnostic (former Catholic) and if you so desire, I can bring in a few friends who enjoy religious discussion. My friend, Trisha, is finishing up her masters in Hebrew studies.