Thursday, November 15, 2007


So Barry Bonds has been indicted on federal perjury and obstruction of justice charges as it relates to his testimony that he never knowingly used any "performance enhancing drugs." As I watch ESPN's breaking news coverage on it right now, I'm taken aback by a couple of things.

First there's the fact that sports are in a place where ESPN thought it would be prudent to hire a legal analyst to be ready to speak on things at a moment's notice. Furthermore, it's totally surreal that I'm hearing someone on ESPN use Scooter Libby's conviction as an example of what's going on with a baseball player.

The other thing, and I hate to bring up old stuff, is that the President of These Here United States has already released a response to the indictment when the news broke less than 30 minutes ago. That means that the indictment of a baseball player got a quicker response than airplanes flying into the World Trade Towers and the levees in New Orleans breaking.

I'll be over here picking my jaw up off of the ground, and possibly adding more to this post later.


benthomasson said...

The president lost, even his appointees are after him. Muskasey is looking to be a real american hero and expose the pirates and emperors that have taken over our country.

abrown said...

i really dont understand why the federal government gets involved in baseball or even toys with the idea of having HEARINGS about STEROID USE in a SPORT!!!

I understand that purgery is bad. i get that. But its baseball!!!

arent we in a war? somewhere? multiple somewheres?