Wednesday, July 26, 2006

it feels this way once a year

With all the other excitement going on, I've neglected to do my standard post-ACS "I love those kids, I love my friends, I love God, and this is the best thing I can ever do with myself, ever" wrap-up. All of the things in the standard wrap-up remain true. There are some highlights though.

-Piffers and MB jumped from "favorites" status to "all-star" status. I absolutely adore both of those kids, from Mary Beth worrying about things she'd probably already taken care of a full week prior to Epiphany appologizing every time she called someone out of order, they were amazing. In the first class that didn't have any recognizable link to the group I graduated with almost 10 years ago, I saw some amazing things. Maybe we weren't as great as I remember us being.

-A late-night staff tradition died a sudden death when it got too big to support itself. I'll always miss what it was and weep over what it became. The dumbest thing we ever did was talk about it.

-I took the strange step of spending the free time with youth this year rather than taking my traditional nap. I didn't miss the nap at all.

-I think I may have actually rattled some brains in the good way in my Tuesday night group when I asked them to consider some contextual things about the Bible. A good number of those guys had follow up questions later in the week. This is the kind of things the people of Benson, NC probably wouldn't have liked.

-The guys absolutely nailed the serenade in front of Garber Hall on Friday night. Special thanks to the added leadership of Lucas Cecil. This adds Lucas to the "favorites" list.

-The Wednesday night talk with Helms, Covington, and Roberts was the funniest thing I've been a part of in a long time. I only wish more people could have enjoyed it.

The absolute best of everything I believe comes out to play every July at Methodist College. I'm blessed for having been there for it again.

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