Monday, January 15, 2007

fair and balanced

Sportswriters sometimes make me want to drop something heavy on my head.

In a game that had me going back and forth between being overcome with joy and suicidal, Rex Grossman had a solid(if not very good) game where his only INT wasn't his fault. Sure, he lost a fumble trying to get himself out of a jam, but his overall game was good enough to win a game that came down to whose offense could get the job done one more time. So what does Rex get from the sportswriters? A backseat to the kicker.

"Two swings of the foot by Robbie Gould were all the Chicago Bears needed to offset any shortcomings in Rex Grossman's arm."

21-of-38 for 282 yards including the beautiful touchdown pass to Berrian and we're talking about Rex's arm's shortcomings? What's a guy have to do to get some respect?

Apparently, he has to toss 3 INT's and finish with two passing yards less than Grossman...because Tom Brady had that stat line. His press?

"Crafty Brady fuels Pats' comeback win over Chargers"

That's after he needed a miracle fumble of one of those three picks and an insane head-butt to pull off his win. Apparently, though, it was still all Tom Brady who won that game after building 6 orphanages, ending world hunger, and solving the Iraq problem.

At least over the next week people will be talking about Manning vs. Brady too much to talk about all the different ways that Grossman will blow it against the Saints. I really hope the Colts win with a last-second FG from Vinatieri. Also, the Bears really need to beat the Saints. I'm not sure I can stand the thought of a commentary team sporting misty eyes and talking about how a Saints win will make it so Katrina never happened.

Go Bears.

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