Tuesday, April 12, 2005


Ah, Kaleidoscope. My last year as a jr. high youth, this event was called Jr. High Jamboree. My first year as a jr. high youth, this event was called Jr. High Weekend.

As a staff member, the event is more fun than it ever was when I was a youth. I love staffing these things. What really got me was all the people who were important parts of my youth that were around. I got to cut up with the very people who had inspired me to be there. Timm Hackett was the big one though. He and Heath Gilbert were the two staffers who, when I was a youth, started making what I believed make sense. So getting to cut up in the back with him, Ramey Kemp (another longtime favorite staff member from my youth), Bret Farmer, Zack, and Justing Langston was a huge blessing.

I would be a jerk not to mention how much some encouraging words from Tom Pritchard meant to me as well. Tom doesn't read this. But I want to thank him in an interweb setting anyway.

It's nice to have weekends like this and weeks lke Global Vision earlier coming on the heels of some serious dissatisfaction with the Church. It's nice to be reminded of all the reasons to keep the faith.

By the way, it's a little late but congratulations are in order for another longime favorite from my days as a youth, Leonard Fairley.

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