Thursday, September 11, 2008

"i would be so much less nervous if i could just kill something -- not a baby, not a baby."

Honestly, yesterday afternoon I was ready to write an irate entry about how we should stop paying so much attention to Sarah Palin and start talking about important issues in the upcoming election(even with a full understanding that real issues and facts do nothing to sway swing voters...bunch o' jerks). Then my mom sent me this:

Then trusted friend and finder of funny interwebs Maya Roseman pointed me in this direction:

There are more of these here, and they're all pretty much hilarious.

So instead of outrage, I've fallen further into the trap of paying more attention to Senator Oldie Whats-his-face's pick of Palin(they call her Caribou Barbie on The Stephanie Miller Show for a running mate than anything of substance.

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