Friday, September 21, 2007

i still miss him on sportscenter

It's my fault. I accidentally found myself listening to Sean Hannity yesterday. I was set to break out the angry bloggage but fortunately, Keith Olbermann wrapped up most of my response to the Bush points that Hannity was parroting in that broadcast. So I'll just show you this:

I also wanted to add that some research done this morning shows that all of the Republican talking heads ignored their party filibustering a measure to restore habeas corpus(remember Republicans whining about getting "an up or down vote?" They don't either) so they could tell us all how the Democrats were beholden to, even trotting out the "poor Joe Lieberman" chestnut again.

So being beholden to the NRA, Exxon, and the people(James Dobson and friends) that have turned my faith into a hateful, xenophobic fringe group is long as you're sure to "stand up" to MoveOn. Got it.

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