Friday, March 23, 2007

last chance

Tonight is my last improv show as an unmarried man. This officially ends the daydream I once had of emerging from downtown Raleigh up to my elbows in improv groupies.

Ladies, this also means that, after tonight, if you're the girl in the front row I flirt with in slow-motion, when you start thinking to yourself "my goodness, what a ruggedly handsome man...perhaps I should counter this obvious but still charming bit with a serious offer to spend a night with me at the old Brownstone" as you always do if you're the lucky one that receives this treatment that what you're considering is no longer just trying to tempt me to cheat on my girlfriend. It will be adultery that you'll be fantasizing about on the way home.

Clearly, I want no part of being an adult. So let me be the first to suggest you turn your post-improv lust on this man:

That is, if you haven't already...

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