Tuesday, February 28, 2006

save the whales but not the universe, right?

Andi and I have been talking about this off and on lately.

People are in bad shape. We have people who cannot afford to eat. We've got people dying of disease that there's no cure for. We've got people who are dying of disease there is a cure for, but they don't have the means to get that cure. We've got people without homes. We've got people working 3 jobs to support their families. We've got problems in our education system that will result in children being born into these situations having no real way out. This is just in Durham County.

People are suffering. And this jackass is worried about the chickens. Can we not get this kind of effort directed towards easing the suffering of people?

I'm not advocating testing cosmetics on cute little bunnies. I'm not saying that my meat shouldn't be allowed a comfortable life before it becomes my meat. I'm just saying that I'd rather save one smelly homeless guy than 100 adorable kittens. I'm just saying that the people who put all of this effort into saving the chickens might want to examine their priorities.

Pam Anderson could not possibly care less about human suffering, but she'll drop millions to make sure we all know "fur is murder." It's fun for her because she gets to make like she cares about something. And she probably is deeply offended by the poor chickens' plight. I just wish someone with that kind of money could get that worked up over people.

So you know what? I'm going to go to KFC for some delicious fried chicken tomorrow. Then I'm going to come back here and see what I can do to actually help someone.

I. hate. PETA.

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